Our family-run company, which was founded in 1966, is one of the leading meat supplying companies in Austria. Its two company sites Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt and Ruprechtshofen place it right in the middle of two of the most important livestock raising regions in Austria.

Facts and Figures

Founded: 1966
Partner of more than 10 000 farmers
Capacity: > 1000 to / week
Sales: 50 % Austria, 50 % Export
Quality-Standards: IFS, EFSIS, AMA, bos, bio (organic), etc.


Our staff is an important factor of our success. It is one of our company philosophies to create and ensure a working environment where every staff member is respected and treated honourably. As an exchange we do expect our staff members to be reliable, honest and responsible.

Animal Welfare
We ensure that all animals are handled in a way that minimizes the risk of injury, pain and suffering. A careful handling of animals is one of the basic requirements for the production of first class quality products.

Guarantee of Quality
One of our particular concerns is adhering to all regulations concerning processing and recording. Only by doing so we can maintain the high quality of our products and assure the loyalty of our customers.

A healthy environment is a requirement for the production of healthy, high-quality food. We are therefore striving to act environmentally-friendly and to assess our actions in order to improve them either ourselves or in cooperation with our partners and thus contribute to keeping our environment safe and healthy.



Animals bred and raised in a natural environment in small and medium sized farms as well as the use of natural animal nutrition, mainly from the farms’ own production is a matter of fact for our farmers. On the other hand, our farmers can rely on a quick and fair sales process which has always been one of the trademarks of our company.

Having placed our company sites directly into two of the most important cattle breeding areas in Austria enables us to guarantee a short and careful transport for the livestock.

Our company has been a reliable partner for farmers for more than 50 years. Our long-standing experience as well as our expansion to European markets has enabled our company to prove itself successful in the selling of beef even in hard times. That is why more and more farmers have decided to enter into a business relationship with us or our partners.



Our customers recognise our flexibility and reliability. The state of the art equipment of our abattoirs allows us to offer our customers a full range of our meat products. We sell quarters and/or sides, standardised products for further processing as well as boned and packaged cuts.

These articles can be supplied with all relevant certificates of quality and proofs of traceability.

All our meat is traceable back to the individual farm where the cattle or pig was raised. A considerable portion of our products comes from organic farming which is subject to particularly strict regulations.

Because of our high-quality products as well as our outstanding service, our customers are represented in all relevant market sectors:
   * retail trade
   * meat industry
   * butchers
   * catering sector
   * wholesale
Our customers are among the most successful representatives in their respective fields of business and thus contribute to the success of our company.
​Our range of customers reaches across the whole of Europe and several countries in Asia.




The established cattle breeds in Austria such as the “Simmental Cattle” as well as crossbreeds with French meat breeds guarantee an excellent quality of meat which is not only highly esteemed in Austria but also in countries with a long standing beef tradition such as France or Italy.
As a specialist in beef we offer the whole range from beef quarters to all cuts and by-products. When cutting, we particularly meet our customers’ specifications.

In addition to our range of beef products we offer the total range of pork products.

A survey of standard meat cuts be obtained from http://www.fleisch-teilstuecke.at.

Get in touch with us


Headquarter Grandits GmbH

Ungerbachstraße 10
A-2860 Kirchschlag i. d. B.W.

Tel: 43 (0) 2646 / 2201
Fax: 43 (0) 2646 / 220119

Site Ruprechtshofen

Zinsenhof 9
A-3244 Ruprechtshofen

Tel: 43 (0) 2756 / 77050
Fax: 43 (0) 2756 / 7705013